Bitakwira, the political opposition and 2016

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By Jean-Pierre Mbelu

In a television program in Kinshasa, June 14, 2016, Justin Bitakwira blasted the corrupt behavior of some of his fellow members of the opposition. In this article, we try rereading the denunciation of Bitakwira basis of certain texts and history.

When investigative journalist Charles Ako published a book on the floor, many of our countrymen are enthusiastic. They go to the presentation of that book and buy it. Alas They come that enthusiasm fizzled do before another publication! When Charles Ako published "The Tutsi killers. At the heart of the Congolese tragedy "(Duboiris, 2009), he tried as much as possible, to put on the front of the stage actors and allies Whole carpet behind" the Tutsi killers. " and their accomplices operating from Congolese soil. He also recalled that the war against the DRC was "old news battle each time taking a new look" since the assassination of Congolese prime minister, Patrice Lumumba Emery in 1961. (Although Charles Ako can not establish the link between the Congolese tragedy and disaster capitalism!)
The advantage of this book is among others due to the fact it contains some historical documents detailing the strategy put in place by "the Tutsi killers" for minority and keep "the power" in the sub-region of the Great Lakes Africa since the 1960s in a detailed 18-point plan the ancestors of "the Tutsi killers" notaient this: "1. All must know Tutsi and Hutu Congolese and are related to our settlement plan must apply the two groups; 2. All Tutsi must clearly understand the methods used to successfully conquer Rwanda and apply the Congolese and other ethnic groups around them. Must proceed gradually, methodically, and do not pay in a hurry, which could raise the specter of the Great Conqueror Rwabugiri our National Hero; "And since the 1990s, the assimilation of the Congolese Hutus by" the Tutsi killers "is thriving. And they decided that "4. all Tutsi intellectuals must befriend the Congolese administration and familiar with the bureaucratic machine to be well prepared for a takeover in which they will play a role and, ultimately, lead the administration; "The creation of the AFDL, the different" RCD "CNDP, PPRD, M23 and infiltration of various institutions of the DRC" the Tutsi friends "have facilitated the realization of this fourth point, without precipitation . (All these creatures RPF and its ally Uganda were not the fruit of all Tutsi. No. Some of those who participated in their creation as members of the RPF ended up slamming the door and decried the policy Paul Kagame. All Tutsi are not put in the same bag. Also, this ethnicization of politics is it harmful for Africa needs all its "worthy" children to become a force on the chessboard World.)
And DRC, with the next decentralization, it is likely that the third point of this plan is officially true. It states: "All Tutsi intellectuals should be the primary objective control more districts because everyone is aware of the significance that it has to control the local centers of political authority to impart political ideas from ignorant populace; "Decentralizing a country where much of the population is held in a crass ignorance of the issues of low intensity war that we are led by the sponsors of" the Tutsi killers "and their multinational suggests.
When, on June 14 in Kinshasa Justin Bitakwira member of the UNC, accused some of his colleagues in the opposition to be "in the service of the Presidential Majority," it provides evidence confirming the slow realization, progressive and patient said Plan . These colleagues Bitakwira are at the service of the "presidential majority" after being corrupted. In addition to the above points level, there is the 18th, which states: "We must fight against the Hutus and Wanandes (...). Offer them alcohol and money. Do not look at what we spend because we have enough money. "It would not be exaggeration to say that the positions held by former members of the RPF and their allies in the DRC have enabled them to raise huge sums of money. Some of them would even become billionaires! Corrupt does not cost much, in terms of the venality of some of our politicians.
However, the member is Justin Bitakwira seems unveil a secret. The low-intensity warfare waged against the DRC is also (and especially) a war of predation led by a transnational elite network. The reports of United Nations experts are clear on this point. The Kassem (2002 / I 146 S /) 2002 report does deal with the network and the Congo Desk has enabled Rwanda to enrich themselves illegally plundering raw materials from the DRC. Say Justin Bitakwira acts as if he did not operate in a fundamentally corrupt system and drawn against our apprehended as "ignorant mobs" populations.
This system must (also) its persistence and resistance to its sponsors Westerners who in 2006 decided to "democratize" the organization of elections traps cons. That is to say, of passages through the ballot box "ignorant mobs" to confirm the satellite stations suspected war criminals, economic criminals and criminals against humanity in the interests of disaster capitalism. At this point named, another book by Charles Ako ("Europe, and censorship crimes in Congo") came to deliver documents accusing the West have used this mafia elite network to protect its economic interests in the subregion African Great Lakes.
Some of us seem to be paid to argue that "the funding of the most shameless thugs" to deconstruct our peoples and cultures, to cause "creative destruction" of the "new African and world disorder" can be called "report force "unfavorable to our country. They avoid words such as flight [1] and malicious destruction (supposedly) punishable by law the so-called "old democracy" countries.
But those who still have   sense of humanity, the North and South of the world are worried. "At the moment, writes Andre Vltchek, there are two genocides taking place around natural resources. One takes place in the Democratic Republic of Congo for coltan, diamonds, uranium and gold. Rwanda and Uganda are looting the Congo on behalf of companies and Western governments. Between 6 and 10 million people have already died. This is the biggest bloodbath since the US terror in Southeast Asia. This is a purely Western business! I worked four years on the subject and the film Gambit Rwanda has just been completed. So I know the subject. [2] "
Pending the official release of Rwanda Gambit, we support, we, that this case is more and Western. It is transnational and Enjoy gaps opened by the comprador elites.
Through the denunciation of Justin Bitakwira is a whole set of compatriots who is experimenting the methods used by the "presidential majority" for its members remain ad infinitum satellites actors and Whole allies on the decline at the head of the DRC: corruption, illicit enrichment, maintaining a semblance of state and public sector facade. Compatriots also experience how difficult it is to change said system "from within." While it may be that "the negroes of service" does not apply to the letter the above plan, they have mastered the mind with the help of their sponsors; with them, they share "culture of selfishness" and greed that produced the disaster capitalism.
It is in this context of a "new old battle that takes a different look every time" since the assassination of Lumumba seems to prepare the following "elections traps cons" of 2011 and those of 2016. This is bogus the context in which a book already announcing the revision of the constitution has been published by "eminence grise" of Kabilie, Evariste Boshab [3] .
Without an in-depth federation energies and Congolese forces without a clear action planning and political paradigm shift system in the short, medium and long term, those of us who believe in a miracle in 2016 likely have only their eyes to weep. A civic education work should be conducted from the "catacombs of our people" so that certain ideas inducing an anthropological change (that is to say, both cultural, political, social, economic, spiritual and environmental ) take over our masses. "An idea, said Karl Marx, becomes a force when it seizes the masses. "
How should it be done?
It is up to the federations energy and Congolese forces, organized and active minorities to determine through study, sharing and debate assuming the positive side of the conflict the terms of this educational work where it has not yet started .
Federate based on our history, actions and collective ideas we have on the Congo tomorrow; we organize with younger and "humanist friends" being ready to pass the baton assuming "a conscious martyrdom"; cooperate and look to the old civilizations respectful of life and sovereignty of other nations ... are all paths to exploit and re-use for another Congo based on worthy men and women and just institutions.
Mbelu Babanya Kabudi

[1] In Bush, Cyclone (Brussels, 2005), Michel Collon goes straight to the point when answering this question: "Why is the South so poor and the rich North"? He says: "We (Westerners) or rather some of ourselves are thieves; that's why we are rich; this is what we absolutely can not tell the media. "(P.16)
[3] E. Boshab between constitutional review and starvation of the nation, Ed. Larcier, 2013.

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